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SEO: A Simple Guide to Getting Started

Many of you may feel overwhelmed. And who could blame you? There are so many factors involved in trying to create a blog and build traffic.

If you are like me, you go online or buy books to try to unravel the mystery of how to make your site the best it can be.

Most of you have heard that SEO is important. You may have even spent a little time trying to figure out how to implement it into your blog.

There are even SEO firms that you can hire to help with your SEO. But, who has thousands of dollars to spend on a blog or website that they haven’t even monetize yet?

So, what can you do?

If you have read any of my previous post, you know I stress writing high quality content. I’m a big advocate of writing content that your audience wants to read.

If you do this, then you are already using SEO without realizing it.

The great thing about high quality content is that it delivers exactly what your audience wants. It provides the answers to questions that people are searching for. Not only that, other websites may link to your blog because your information is a great resource.

This is basic SEO.

A lot of people look at SEO as something they have to do. They think that they have to put certain key phrases in their post. Or, they worry that they will have to go out and try to get links from other sites. But, this isn’t necessarily true.

Creating high quality posts that provides all the answers to your reader’s questions will automatically provide keywords that will help with your site’s ranking.

Plus, the links will develop organically as people read your post. Other blogs and websites will link to your blog as a reference because your information is trustworthy and your content is worth reading.

Obviously, there are more Advanced Techniques in SEO.

But, creating posts that deliver beyond your audience’s expectation is an easy way to start implementing SEO into your blog.

Building a foundation is a necessary step to getting started. As you progress and become more comfortable with writing posts for your blog, you can add more layers of SEO to it.

Concentrate on what the visitor to your blog wants. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine what questions they would want to ask you.

If you do this, you are on your way to building a site that could become the go-to resource in your field.

These are a few techniques that will not only help with your SEO, but will help you create better content as well.

Good luck and thanks for reading…