Give the World the Gift of Your Writing : A Few Tips That May Help

Have you ever written a post or article that seemed to write itself? You had a clear vision of your objective and the writing just flowed out. What causes this and how can we channel it into future posts?

I think a good place to start is understanding how our mind works. Our writing flows when two things occur.

  • We know what we are writing about
  • We know the questions our reader wants answered

Can you remember how it felt to effortlessly write a post? As you wrote your post or article, did you know what questions your reader had?

Yes, you probably did and you were happy to provide all of the answers. Is this some strange insight that randomly occurs or can we recreate it?

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Let’s say you are a cat person. You love cats. You could talk about cats all day. Could you write a post about cats? Yes, I’m sure you could.


What if a cat forum or cat blog ask you to write a guest post for their site about cats?

Would this be harder?

Would you take more time and think about your post?

The second example would be harder, but it is where your good writing lies. You would take extra time to research before writing because you would want to show your best qualities as a guest on their site.

You would think about what your audience wants and you would find the answers to those questions.

You don’t want to just write about things you love, you want to reach deep down and connect with the people who are interested in your topic.

How to Start

First, you will need a topic.

Topics are all around you right now. You just may not see them. I will give you a few examples.

  • Do you use Facebook? Why? Does it help with your blog?
  • Should I paint the walls in my house? Why?
  • Do you use paper to write? Why?

The list goes on and on…

Once you have a few topics in your mind, I would take out multiple sheets of paper and put them on your desk or wherever you like to write.

I like to write a different topic on each piece of paper. Then, I jump back and forth writing about each topic. One topic will naturally start to rise to the surface.

Research is Easier Than you Think

This is where you want to start your research. Before you run off at the thought of research, remember that research doesn’t always mean reading through material. Research could mean thinking about things in your mind.

How so? I’m glad you ask.

Let’s say I want to write a post about lemons. I have my topic. But, I want to write my personal experience with lemons, not a research paper. If I spent a couple of hours thinking about lemons, do you think I would come up with some personal examples where lemons affected my day?

I don’t personally have any lemon stories, but a person who is passionate about lemons will probably have lots of memories and thoughts about lemons.

Once you have done your research, it’s time to start writing.


Pay very close attention to the questions you ask yourself when you’re writing about your topic.

What are things you want to know about your topic?

These are good places to start because your reader will probably have the same questions.

Don’t think about page views or how you can sound smart!

Be authentic and genuine. Let people connect with you. Just let your thoughts flow onto the page.

Don’t worry about how many followers you have or if anyone will read your posts. Just stay connected to your topic and write for that audience.

If you take the time to research your topic and think about what your audience wants to know, then your writing should be fairly easy. Just start writing. Connect dots as you move along and let the writing flow.

My Last Thoughts

I think that it’s human nature to drive ourselves crazy about things we wish we had. Take a minute to step back and enjoy this moment. You have a chance to share your ideas with the world! Don’t worry about things you cannot change. Just write in the moment.

If you feel this post could help someone, feel free to share it with them.

Thanks for your time…

P.S. As a reward for reading the entire length of this post, I will give you a rare insight into my writing. This post took approximately 6 hours to write (and lots of thinking).

Confessions of a first time blogger

Are you a new blogger? Or maybe you are a seasoned Pro who can type hundreds of words on any given topic. Whatever the case, you probably remember writing your first post.

This is my first OFFICIAL post. I say official because I have written two blog posts before, but they went badly. You may be wondering how they went badly, but more on that in a minute.

First, I want to say that writing a blog is stressful in a good way. You have so many factors to consider.

Should I use SEO?

What is my niche?

Themes? Design choices?

How do I monetize?

Let’s stop there for a minute. I have one quick question to ask. Why are you blogging? For me, I had no clue! I jumped out of bed one day and yelled to the world. I’m creating a blog!

So, I created a blog page in less than 30 minutes and threw my first couple of posts together a few hours later. I sat there staring at the analytical page wondering why no one was reading the GOLD that I had just written.

Lets just say I was disappointed.

So, my first piece of advice is to relax! It takes time to create a good blog that people will want to read.

Wait a second! Can I even offer advice as a first-time official blogger??

Maybe not, but back to the topic. I think a lot of people start blogging with the expectation of getting thousands of views. After they fail to obtain that, they stop posting or shut the site down. If you are trying to run a blog as a business, then you will probably want to do lots and lots of research before posting anything. I’m here to have fun and learn as much as I can.

Theme and Layout

If you are writing your blog for fun, then I wouldn’t worry too much about the layout and theme at first. Most people understand that you are new and are more interested in your content (from my experience).

This is hard for me to do at this point. I think I have redesigned my page 15 times over the past week. I keep thinking I will find this perfect concoction of colors and straight lines that will yield a perfect blog site. I have had to step back and realized that creating a blog is a process. I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in web developing to create a perfect site. So, I have had to find what works on my site and what doesn’t.

Spelling and Grammar

I have read hundreds of blogs now. I wish that I could say that spelling and grammar isn’t important, but it is. When I’m reading a blog for the first time, I am focusing on their material. If I keep getting distracted by misspelled words and incomplete sentences, then it’s hard for me to continue reading. It’s a trust thing. I want to see that someone put in the work to make a great post. If they put in the work, then it makes it easier for me to decide if I like their material and if I want to return to their site.

What should you write about

Just write about things that interest you. I wouldn’t worry too much about the topic. There will be plenty of people who are interested in the topic you write about. I have read posts on earthworms that I found interesting.

Page Views

Now for the elephant in the room. Page views. Here is what I have found to work for me (I don’t currently have any social media). Go to other bloggers websites and read their work and comment or like if you enjoy reading their posts. Some of them will look at your blog in return. Instant views for you!

But, you want to have some good quality content that they can read. Otherwise, they will probably never come back. Creating a blog is about creating relationships and building trust. It’s not a get rich scheme.


Since the title of this page is confessions of a first time blogger then I guess I better give you some more confessions.

I have no expectations for views on this post.

I like physics, business, math, and lot of other things.

This post took me WAY longer than 30 minutes to write.

Some Quick Parting Thoughts

Take the time to figure out how to add links and quotes into your post. For example

This is how a quote will appear on my webpage

This is a great way to give emphasis on what you’re writing about.


Links can also be added to let your reader get from one place on your site to another.

I created a link to nowhere to show you how this works (this link goes nowhere!) But, it’s a great tool to use to showcase content your reader may be interested in. This goes back to the trust that I was talking about before. People want to see that you took the time to research your material. Creating links will show that you put in the work.


Pictures are unbelievably powerful. I have read some blogs where I can still see the pictures on their blog posts in my mind. This is important if you want readers to return to your site. Again, this takes time and effort. You need to find pictures that fit your content. It is time well spent.

I hope that you found this blog helpful or at the very least, entertaining. If you have a blog that you want me to check out, please leave a comment and I will give your site a look. I would also love to hear feedback about my first OFFICIAL post.

P.S. I apologize if I have any grammar or spelling errors. I reread this post hundreds of times trying to find them. I may not have caught them all.

Happy Blogging!

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