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Why Some Blogging Goals Are Bad

Goals are supposed to be this thing that lead us down a productive path. But, sadly this isn’t always the case. In fact, sometimes it would be better if we just didn’t make them at all.

These “bad” goals often give us the feeling that we are achieving success. But, they are often followed by dark periods of realization.

You must remember that writing blogs posts is like going to the gym everyday. While you may not see immediate results, your effort will eventually pay off (if you are writing content that people love).

Let’s take a look at a one of these “bad” goals to see how they can be deceptive.

Get 3,000 views in a month

I don’t even understand why this goal exists. It’s almost like celebrating when you get 10 people to look at you when you were at the department store.

It doesn’t accomplished anything of real value.

In fact, most people probably forgot about you a few seconds after they skimmed your blog post.

Trying to pick a specific number of views to obtain is nothing more than an attempt to stroke your own ego.

Not a good goal.

I’m not saying that views aren’t important. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t promote your blog.

What I’m saying is that chasing a specific number of views or likes is pointless. It’s mental energy wasted.

The truth is a goal like this will likely push you to publish content too quickly. Then, you are stuck running around trying to force it upon people who it wasn’t intended for.

Plus, a goal like this is complex in nature. It requires you to use a lot of mental energy to figure out how to achieve something for not much gained.

A good goal would be something like:

Write a blog post that one person will love.

At least if you achieve this goal, you know you touched one person.

Further, a goal like this requires you to put your energy into something that matters.

Doing this will put you on the path of finding your niche and help you find your writing voice.

I want you to know that I fully understand what it feels like to post something that no one visits. It’s tough. I can completely understand why people chase views.

But, I want to challenge you to continue to show up and try to get better. Please don’t chase numbers.

The views will come. But, even if they don’t, you are learning and getting better. Try very hard not to make mistakes that ruin your credibility.

Thanks for reading…

Failures; Hardships; and Setbacks in Blogging and in Life

Have you ever reached that point where you feel like the world has given up on you? You keep striving to do your best, but the world never seems to take notice.

I have been there (many times!).

It’s not fun.

Whether you are short on paying bills or you just can’t write another word because you brain is overloaded with fear and doubt, the truth is…

YOU are good enough.

Now, I know you may read that and be skeptical. I don’t even know you.

How could I know that you are good enough?

I know because you are reading this. If you are reading this, I know you are looking for answers.

You are trying…

Plus, you probably got a little fire left to push through this hard time. And, that’s the key to overcoming any setback or hard time.

The setback is rarely the thing that holds you back.

It’s how you react to it.

But, I’m tired and it seems impossible”

Well, I got good news!

You can accomplish your dream.

And you don’t even need an expert to tell you how.

This seems to be something a lot of people miss. They think they need an expert to teach them the way to do something.

While the experts can give you great examples on what they did. They are not you.

You have to put in the work to see what works for you!

And guess what?

That means you are going to have setback and failures.

And that’s ok.

Be ok with that.

If you want to write a super awesome blog post, then figure it out. Go through the 100 failures it takes to get it right.

No expert will ever be able to tell you exactly what to do. You have to learn what to do with your audience in your situation.

If you want to monetize your blog, don’t look at others with envy. Find out what you can do today to start moving in that direction.

You will probably screw up a few times.

And that’s ok.

How many times are you going to let the world beat you?

Honestly, how many times are you going to give up?

This is not about pride. This is about you achieving what you want.

You are going to have to dig down deep to find the strength to push through.

Now, I could provide you with thousands of success stories and give you countless examples of the hardships that people have faced.

But, you don’t need that.

You just need someone like me to tell you that your dream is possible.

Maybe you fail 1000 more times.

It’s ok.

Keep pushing.

Your dream, whatever it is, can be achieved if you don’t give up.

“What happens if I never succeed?”

The dream, whatever it is, is not the yardstick by which you should measure your success.

You should measure your success by your movement toward your dream.

Quit thinking that every time you have a setback that you have failed.

With every setback, you have moved one step closer to the things you want.

Isn’t this what you want?

To know you are moving toward your success?

Over night success would be wonderful, but winning a fight of years of struggle is much more meaningful.

Keep inching toward it.

You have that strength and courage. You always have. It’s just hard to see it when you are surrounded by your let-down after let-down.

You have come so far in life, wherever you are.

You have learned so much.

Just think about how much further you can go, if you keep pushing forward.

One day I hope to see you living out your dream. But, if you aren’t, I fully expect to see you pushing toward it.

Thanks for reading and go get that dream of yours!