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Marketing in a World Where No One Wants to be Sold

The moment you start to have expectations is the start of a downward spiral where no one wins.

What’s even harder to understand is that using your loudest voice is often energy wasted on deaf ears.

What you bring to the table is important, but what’s more important is your reason for showing up to the table at all.

If you think that you can capture success by sheer will power, then you may be heading down a road of disappointment.

You can have a great product or idea, but a crappy way of leading people to it.

It’s not about giving your all, it’s about where you choose to put your effort.

If you goal is to help people, then you have a chance. Leading with thoughts of lining your pocket will undoubtedly leave you penniless.

Put your effort into creating something great.

People are smart. They can see through a fake pitch the moment it leaves your mouth.

What people are looking for is you to stand back and show them how much value you bring.

They want to come at their own pace.

The moment you do this, is when people will begin to trust you.

It’s never about the words you say or even the actions you take.

It’s about what you have to offer.

Taking a stand is hard and requires courage.

Chasing people or looking for the easy way will trigger a small reflex in the back of people’s mind.

They learn in an instant that you can’t be trusted.

But, people are forgiving. If you change how you represent yourself today and start to believe it, you can convince some to follow.

If you have a blog, simply write about your passions and let people come to you.

If what you offer is valuable, then opportunities will come your way.

If you choose to market yourself, don’t waste time and energy chasing the wrong people.

Take the time to figure out who your audience is.

But, don’t run up to them with a pitch about what they can’t live without.

Be different.

Be creative.

And just maybe, find a new way to succeed.

Thanks for reading.

Why You Should Start a Monetization Plan for Your Blog Today

Starting a blog is like trying to walk into a busy crowded room and attempting to get heard. It’s not easy. But, there are few places that offer the flexibility of a blog.

You set your own schedule and you can post from anywhere in the world.

You even have a chance to make money if you are self-motivated and willing to dedicate time to writing great blog posts.

But, if you want a chance of succeeding, you will need to find a way to navigate through the blogging landscape full of pitfalls and critics.

Which brings me to this post. I want to talk to you about monetizing your blog. It’s something that is important to a lot of people.

First off, there is nothing wrong with you wanting to monetize. Running a blog costs real money and the time you spend writing is worth something.

But, if you want to monetize your blog in the future, you need to start planning today.

What do I mean?

I will give you an example.

Let’s say that you want to create an ebook to sell online one year from now. So, you spent one year building up a email list and views. And in a year you put your ebook up for sale.

The problem is that the people who follow your blog may not be interested in buying your ebook. They may not convert to customers.

They may just like reading your funny stories about your cat. You need to start today by connecting with people who are looking for what you will be selling later.

You need to be writing content that will attract them.

Keep in mind that this only requires you to write 52 posts a year if you write one per week. This should be manageable for most people. You could even do it on the side.

Even if you aren’t sure you want to monetize later, you should still be tailoring your content toward building an audience that will be receptive toward you monetizing later.

Unless you know with 100 % certainty that you will never monetize.

I’m just trying to save you some time and energy.

Please keep in mind that you don’t need a rock solid plan. I like to think of it more like a path. Just keep trying different things until you find something that works for you.

Thanks for reading…

I’m curious, are any of you planning to monetize one day?